Whether you and your partner are struggling with a recent relationship crisis or long-term difficulties couples counselling offers the opportunity to explore and resolve the issues and so enable you to move forward in the ways that are right for both of you.

 I’m an experienced and accredited relationship and psychosexual therapist and aware that every couple’s difficulties are unique to them. However, often these involve one or more of the following: 

Sexual Problems

One or both of you have a specific problem, such as fear of intercourse, erection difficultiesor premature ejaculation. Or your differing sexual needs/desires are causing conflict and undermining your relationship.

 Relationship Difficulties

You’ve drifted apart to the point there’s little intimacy and you’re virtually living separate lives. Sometimes this is linked to one of you having had an affair and trust has been so damaged it seems impossible that you’ll ever be able draw a line under the past and regain your former loving relationship.

 Neither is it uncommon for one or both partners to feel that they are no longer important to the other. Possibly one of you feels that they come a poor second to other members of the family, such as parents, in-laws or children. 


Poor communication makes it difficult for couples to share their individual needs and concerns. This can easily lead to minor differences and misunderstandings escalating into rows and resentment with the loss of affection and intimacy. By learning to become skilled communicators you’re better able to build and maintain a satisfying relationship in which you can both express your individuality and work successfully together as a team.

Individually or Together?

Many couples wish to discuss their problems together, but it’s not unusual for one partner to attend on his or her own – at least initially.  However, whatever the difficulties couples counselling can be effective if one of the partners chooses not to attend any of the sessions.


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